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  • adobe icon Let's Not Be Friends: Why I Ignored Your Friend Request on Facebook

    The top five reasons I chose to ignore your friend request. There are so many, but let's start with these five and see where we get.

  • adobe icon Namaste: An Open Letter to My Fellow Yogis

    What happens when a germ-o-phobic, xenophobic yogi attends a touchy-feely retreat at the famed Kripalu center in Lenox, MA. She sets few ground rules in advance:

    ďLet me tell you a little about myself and shed a little light on how the retreat might be better for all of us. I am not nice. I am rigid and neurotic. I have a touch of OCD, a lot of personal space issues and I am a germophobe. I am aware of all this and it is part of the reason I do yoga. But donít confuse my yoga practice with some spiritual quest. Iím just trying to survive and yoga seems to help...Ē

  • adobe icon South Beach Diary

    If Bill Clinton and score of others can lose weight on the South Beach diet, then surely I can too? Or can I?

    "Day 3: I cannot go on. I am going to die. I have no energy. I am cold. I am tired. I wake up at 10:00 a.m. I lay down again at 4:00 p.m. thinking I will take a short nap. If it is possible, I have so little energy that I canít even sleep. I just lie there and wait for death or a mistaken pizza delivery. If I could reach for my cell phone I would facilitate the latter and end this misery, but alas, I donít quite have enough strength to reach for the phone and continue to breathe all at the same time..."

  • adobe icon 14 Pounds: The Perfect Pregnancy

    "One celebrity mom seems to have achieved the perfect pregnancy: she gained only fourteen pounds. Like the woman who finds the perfect pair of Prada pumps in her size at a sample sale or the one who happened upon a cancellation appointment with a much-sought-after stylist, Posh Spiceís first pregnancy has become the stuff of urban legend."