I am currently a freelance writer and researcher for one of the world's leading usability consultancies, the Nielsen Norman Group. In this role, I conduct interviews and website evaluations with companies around the world. I am also the primary author and researcher on a variety of comprehensive Web usability publications, including the following published reports:

  • Enterprise 2.0: Social Software on Intranets (168 pages)
    While Web 2.0 is firmly established in consumer culture, it is still slowly emerging within organizations. This report examines the development, use, work practices and adoption challenges for Web 2.0 technologies within the enterprise. This is a journalistic report From the front lines of enterprise community, collaboration, and social networking projects and features lessons learned from organizations trying to implement tools such as blogs, wikis, microblogging (internal Twitter-like clients), tagging, social bookmarking, social networks, etc in their organizations.
  • Intranet Portals: A Report From the Trenches (3rd Edition) (342 pages)
    This report interrogates multiple organizations' real-life portal project experiences to deduce best practices for portal implementation, including how to avoid common pitfalls.
  • Intranet Design Annual: Ten Best Intranets 2010 (362 pages)
    Intranet Design Annual: Ten Best Intranets 2009 (475 pages)
    Intranet Design Annual: Ten Best Intranets 2008 (449 pages)
    The design annual is a compilation of each year's winners of the Nielsen Norman Group annual intranet design contest. The reports include comprehensive case studies of each of the ten winning intranet projects.