what can I do for you?


With a breadth of experience and deep subject matter expertise, I am able to serve as a strategy consultant to individuals and companies at every step of the interactive project lifecycle. I can sit with senior members of the team and help guide and shape product/project strategy. I can work with boots on the ground project leads and help direct and coordinate development efforts. And I can come in and help a team figure out how to measure the effectiveness of a social media campaign or the usability of a website or a web-based product or service.

I excel at the consultant role for many reasons. First, I have perspective. I have been working with clients, large and small, for profit and not, since the earliest days of the commercial Web. I worked with companies to help shepherd them through the revolution that was Web 1.0, so in my world, Web 2.0 was more of an evolution than a complete disruption. Second, I am not interested becoming an employee of your organization. Whenever possible I am going to teach you to fish rather than make you a fish sandwich. I want you to be self sufficient so you can make good decisions. My goal is not to make you dependent on my expertise. That is not a consultant. That is a sycophant.


Writing: Whether it's well written, effective and usable Web copy, or setting up, ghostwriting and promoting a blog or Twitter account, I have it covered. My unique background in new media and traditional journalism means I have both the skills and the know-how to produce great content.

Multimedia Content: Need photography, Web videos or a podcast produced? I can work with a team of multimedia professionals to make sure you have the most effective cross-media content. And I can work to make sure it is both well-promoted and measured for effectiveness.


I know the interactive media space. I know the technology, the tools, the trends, the case studies and the war stories. I am a natural educator because, as a consultant and producer, I have spent most of my career sitting across the table from people who are trying to make sense of new technology and how the latest trends will affect their businesses. I like to say, "I try stupid things so you don't have to." I am always out there trying the latest trend and figuring out how to use it and evaluating whether it's worthwhile. I can lead small groups, large groups or conduct one-on-one training. Some of the topics I can speak about include:

I can lead small groups, large groups or conduct one-on-one training. Some of the topics I can speak about include:

  • Social media tools: The who, what, where and why of Facebook, Twitter, RSS, blogging, podcasts and much more.
  • Enterprise social media: What are the tricks to getting adoption of social collaboration tools within the enterprise? I have interviewed companies at the cutting edge of adoption, and I have learned from their struggles and their triumphs. I can help your organization take the first steps and get on the right track with these tools.
  • Technology for individuals or small groups: It's not just companies that need to take advantage of the Web and all the interactive channels now available. Individuals need guidance, both strategic and tactical, on how to leverage communication channels without drowning in technology. I can tailor a seminar or class for a specific audience where I help the participants understand the interactive space, and teach specific tools to get them started.

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