I made the jump to Web consulting because I was intrigued by the lawless frontier of the early days of the Web and I quickly developed an insatiable thirst for technology. My background and experience proved to be a triple threat in this new arena: leadership, technical knowledge and communication acumen. It wasn't long before I was leading engagements for clients ranging from household brand names (The Gillette Company, KISS 108 FM, The Boston Red Sox) to mission-driven non-profit organizations (Oxfam America, Boston Community Capital, The Mentor Network). I was producing successful interactive projects that served the needs of both the client end the users and occasionally even won awards.

For over a decade I split my time between interactive media and journalism, diving deep into emerging media technology by day and toiling as an ink-stained wretch by night. Over time the two paths converged and at the intersection was a new frontier of "digital content" such as rich media narratives, multiplatform journalism, consumer-generated media and more. The Web changed everything, then social media changed everything again.

Where once I was satisfied to manage the project, define the strategy and oversee the execution, today I am focused more on projects where I can get my hands dirty, actively driving the creative vision and participating directly in media creation.

When people hear my name, they are not neutral about the interactions we have had. I represent a point of view and I donít pander. Iíve never had a client who (honestly) wanted to pay me large sums of money to nod, smile and agree with everything he said. If I had found such a client, I would be poor and their project would suck. Instead, my clients have always appreciated my willingness to listen to their point of view, challenge their assumptions with honesty and candor and represent the needs of the user at every step in the process.

In an era when oneís entire history can be condensed into a tag cloud and oneís reputation can be defined by a series of status updates or snippets from a Tweet stream, I stand behind the depth of knowledge and body of work I have amassed in a varied and successful career.


Route Caya, Drummondville, Canada

Zagora, Morocco, 2007