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Patty Caya is an interactive producer and multi platform journalist with more than a decade of experience working on digital media projects. That means I was working professionally online long before the Web had a version number (since 1998). I produce compelling and useful digital content (Websites, mobile, social media communication, audio, video and whatever comes next) across media platforms.

Though some of the tools or channels may be new(ish) (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, iPhone, Android, et al) the fundamentals still apply. It makes no difference whether content is written, Tweeted, shot in HD video or crowdsourced. This content must meet or exceed the business goals of the client while serving the information needs of the end user.

If you hire me, my job is to help you define your strategy, execute on that strategy by coordinating communication outreach efforts and producing digital media, then make sure you can effectively monitor, measure and act on the results over time.

Whether you hire me or you hire someone else, keep in mind that creating effective digital content requires knowledge, expertise and experience, not just a Twitter account or a digital camera.


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